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Illuminate to look great

Ok y'all, this will be a quick one but I wanted to let you know about another beauty product on the market: the illumask

This product is available at WalMart (I know, don't judge me) for $29.95. 

It's a plastic mask with infrared lights, they offer one for acne and one for anti aging. I use the anti aging but find the lights do help with zapping acne as well. Although very bright the lights are not warm, this is a pain-free device. Here I am using mine: 

Back in the day I belonged to a fancy tanning salon that had the professional version of this. I felt my skin had that nice dewy look and I had less acne when I had a few sessions a week so I was excited for the home version made by the same company. Plus it has great online reviews. This temporary version is only good for 30 uses. It's recommended for daily use but I use a few times a week, basically whenever I can remember. The mask has eye shields built in and is worn like glasses, which at also built in. It's very lightweight and each session lasts for 15 minutes. Batteries are included, yay. 

I had a breakout recently and feel like it did clear faster than usual. I've been getting back into my beauty rituals latley (thank you job) so I really can't endorse any other benefits from the mask alone. There are more expensive but non disposable versions on amazon for $100 to $200. I'm undecided if I'll make that kind if investment but I could see myself buying more temporary ones to wear during breakouts for sure. 

I'm watching you!

With my new job online security has become top of mind, for almost all of our systems we utilize a double password system and the process to get into the bank accounts is complicated to say the least. But this has made me realize that perhaps my personal online presence was not as secure as it could be. Recently I called my bank about my personal account and they asked for the standard security information - social security number, birthday and mother's maiden name. Now, I like to think most of us are smart enough to never post our social online - but those other two pieces are readily available through my Facebook profile. In my purse I usually have at least one document with my SSN on it, right now I have three. So basically I am one bump into a stranger away from identity theft, yikes! (Think Matt Damon in Ocean's 11 but probably less hot).

Lately I have complained about people over sharing information on FB, especially about their kids. While I find talks of illness and bodily fluids icky and naked pictures inappropriate I complain more out of sadness that parents feel it perfectly ok to invade their kid's privacy. I thought parents were supposed to protect their kids from the creepiers of the world, not make them easier to find. I defriended two people last week because they posted the kinds of things I don't care to see in my newsfeed. I've gotten a lot of pushback that people have privacy settings, but come on -really? Is letting people you worked with three years ago or haven't seen since high school 12 years ago really "private"?   And btw, to demonstrate how easy it is to share information posted and for a sanity check I have privately showed what I found inappropriate to a few unnamed moms, and they were in agreement on the inappropriate level. Not only do I not want to see it, I don't want to be responsible for protecting that information. 

So while I worry for kids whose parents think its ok to share info about them to people they have not seen in years it makes me realize I need to be more careful about what I post myself. I have 700+ FB friends and while I'd like to trust them all statistically there's a pervert and / or drug addict in need of money among them. 

To use myself as an example here's the difference between what I intend to tell the world and what I really do: 

Photo uploads from restaurants: yum, look at this awesome food I'm about to eat / hey, I'm not home right now 

Photos of stuff I buy : this is so cool and I'm so excited to have it / I have disposable income 

Stays updates about vacation: I'm excited to go on vacation! / my house will be vacant and not guarded by my dogs on these dates. 

Photos of my home : look at my cute decorations / here's a cataloug of what is up for grabs and a map of where it is when I'm not home 

The list could go on and on. And maybe I'm a bit paranoid in this mindset but crime statistics would support that I should be just a little. 

For the most part, I really don't care if people were to talk about / show to others what I put on FB and I recognize that the reality is it's not going to all be positive. I recently received a friend request from a person I used to be friends with and then the request went away - so I know this person was creeping on my profile and accidentally clicked the request button. Gone are the good ole days when you actually had to drive by the house of the boy you had a crush on or your ex to spy on them, now that creeping is all done online. In general I use the DBP method of Facebook worthiness: If I wouldn't want my Dad, Boss, or Priest to see it it doesn't go online. Of course, I have a pretty low embarrassment threshold but as an adult it's my decision to do so. 

So next time you go to post something online just remember . . . 


Hello pretty people! Today was a very big day for me, I got my first dermaplaning! I've really REALLY wanted to get this done but will admit to being a little afraid to let a stranger scapel my face. To back up, let me explain dermaplaning: it's a facial procedure where an aesthetician uses a scapel to remove the top layer of skin. It's not as scary as it sounds, the blade looks like this (this is just a sample Internet picture, I never even saw the blade used on me)

Turns out, I had nothing to be afraid of, although not the most comfortable treatment it wasn't painful at all! My procedure started off with some nice aromatherapy and a hot towel. My skin was then cleansed and sanitized. The actual dermaplaning felt like sandpaper being lightly rubbed on the skin and took about 15 minutes. Basically the blade is run over the skin in small areas, I'm sure there's a technical name for this but that's what it feels like. After I received another hot towel and a light moisturizer. Normal skin routine is safe to resume but I was warned to avoid sun exposure for the next few days. Here's what I looked like post facial: 

The look and feel is very similar IMO to a post chemical peel. I'm sure the peel is deeper but this procedure can be repeated monthly. Because it's all about the angle and technique for it to be done just right I DO NOT recommend doing this at home. The good news is that it was not expensive. I've seen places that charge $80 - $100 for this treatment. I went to Pavo, which is a nice upscale salon / spa and spent $35. I beleive it's meant to go along with a traditional facial which of course would raise the price but not necessary. This left me enough budget to get false eyelashes on, which my picture also reflects. The eyelashes were $45, which is more than I've paid in the past but IMO looks less fake, and the glue is less chunky and irritating. 

Dermaplaning can be done with a chemical peel, which would enable it to go deeper but ouch! I used a cream that has a light amount of glycolic in it later on and it stung a little bit, usually this cream wouldn't sting at all. Plus while a good way to save money and get a deeper peel it would also create a longer recovery time, ain't nobody got time for that! I'd rather just go in monthly and look fresh faced on the regular. At the end of the day, peel, creams, laser, dermaplaning . . . Whatever, the goal is to longer younger / better / fresher which is why I compare the different methods. 

This procedure wins in my book because its painless and has no down time, this is me in full makeup at a wedding 6 hours after leaving pavo 

No redness, tightness or peeling - woohoo! 

If you're in Memphis then you really need to schedule at Pavo ASAP, I had my treatment with Kelsey and she was awesome; You can even book online. For all my non Memphians, ask around to your favorite spas / aesthetic centers - for some reason this treatment tends to not be listed on websites. 

One thing I do want to note is tipping, unless you get this done in a medical office from a nurse you need to tip. For beauty treatments 15 to 20% is standard. But, consider time too y'all. Tipping is obviously a personal choice but to me it would be crazy to only give $7 to a person who held a scapel to my face, especially when I plan on returning. All and all I was in for 90minutes for both treatments - a 90min facial at pavo runs $120ish and I tipped based on that bc I value Kelsey's time and skill. 

If you get this done, let me know how I goes : ) 

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