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Not so Glamorous

Like most people I know Facebook is a major source of information on the world outside my home and I check it multiple times a day. Yesterday I came across a great little article on dating that I just had to laugh at:

I understand what the author is saying about romance is easier said than done when kids are in the picture but she is majorly over glamorizing the pre kid single days. Maybe for the first few dates I might have bought a new outfit or spent two hours getting ready but that's not a sustainable way of living and kids have nothing to do with it. Now in my laughter I did have to remind myself that I did in fact spend all afternoon Saturday at the mall but I assure you this is an exceptionally rare occurrence. Just because I don't have kids doesn't mean I spend my nights at fabulous champagne cocktail parties and my days sleeping in until noon. 

This is NOT my life

Ok fine, I just ordered a similar sleep mask off Etsy, but that has much more to do with my chronic migraine issues than a life of parties. 

But seriously, minus the little humans dependent upon me for survival, my life isn't that terribly different from my Mom friends. Five days a week I go to work, I think about what to make for dinner on my drive home and go over mental lists of things I need to do like drop things at the dry cleaner or get stamps at the post office - super glamourous, right? I pay bills, grocery shop in yoga pants and only shave twice a week during legging / tights season. Although the absence of little humans allows me to stay late at work when I had a day full of meetings and need to get stuff done or take on volunteer projects it doesn't exempt me from adult responsibilities, a toilet that needs to be cleaned, or human bodily functions. A typical date night involves debating where to go, figuring out who's turn it is to pay, maybe changing into nicer clothes if we're both not tired from work / too hungry to care, discussing deep topics like when was the last time the dogs were let out and if we need to stop by target for milk on the way home, a reminder that we are in legging season when I get the look of suggestiveness from Shaun and then his shrug of indifference at this, and then getting into our comfy jammies and playing on our phones when all is said and done. Did I just blow your mind with all that romance? Regardless of martial status and the presence of kids when you sleep next to the same person every night there comes a point when they see what you really look like vs the hours getting ready you looks like. 

I'm getting to the age where I do have peers having kids but for the most part most of the people I know with kids are a little older and make a little more. Sure I might upload a pic of my Kate Spade Beau bag, because its gorgeous and I love it, but it's not an everyday purchase. Pics of hey, check out this purse I'm carrying that I've owned for eight years or this is what my I haven't had time to go to the salon roots look like just aren't that interesting or Instagram worthy. For the most part I lead a normal, boring everyday life. Except for a few people which much better than the average person their age jobs or family inheritance I don't know people flush with cash enough to buy a new outfit, makeup and get salon treatments every week or with the time for all that. I only get manicures for special ocassions and go longer than I should between pedicures. Sometimes a nice dinner and over priced cocktails makes it into the budget, often it does not. 

In general I think we as a society over glamorize the life of others and even our own past. We all have the friend who seemingly has the perfect kids, house and husband but we never look at that friend and think wow, it must suck working 80 hours a week to afford that private school tuition. I for one look back at college and think about all the fun I had and conveniently leave out the D I got in Operations Management or countless hours of boring textbook reading. Life, in its many phases is full of complications and as far as I can tell there's nothing that exempts one from that. So next time you think of another lifestyle and how fabulous it must be cut that fabulousness in half and you might just find your own life to be the more fabulous one after all. 


Glamoween Necklace

The bf loves to watch football all day on Sunday but my attention span goes weak after one game and is completely gone after two - so crafting has become a good way to stay in the room without going crazy with boredom. This past weekend I made a Halloween themed necklace to go with the Halloween fabric I need to make into a skirt. 

For my supplies I hit up JoAnn Fabric, this was enough for two necklaces, I could have made three if I got more ribbon. Plus I have plenty orange colored beads left to make thanksgiving necklaces with different ribbon. 

The ribbon was $2.99 but 60% off and each bag of beads was $5.99 but we had get 50% off one item coupons and yes in shameless enough that I bought one and Shaun bought one. I also used black embroidery thread, embroidery needles and a pair of scissors. 

To prep I separated out the colored stones ( for this craft I only used purple, green and orange), cut the ribbon in half and threaded the needle. 

To start the necklace off I started the thread about 1/3 down the length of the ribbon, keeping it in place with a knot on the blank side of the ribbon. The threading sequence is bead - ribbon - folded in ribbon - bead . . . 

Here's what it looks like a few beads in

I repeated my color repeat four times and my sister did five, which I think looked a little better. At the end I knotted the thread on the blank side of the ribbon. And tied the ribbon ends together in a bow to finish the necklace. 


I'll most likely wear this with a plain black top. Total cost for supplies was about $9, I'd say with more ribbon and my leftover beads it will average to $3.50 per necklace. 

Happy Glamoween! 

Fashion Find Friday: cozy sweaters

 Usually I'm a big fan of the Target designer collaborations. But looking at the recent Altuzarra collection I didn't see much that I was interested in that hadn't already sold out. But I went into my local Target anyway and the crane sweater caught my eye. 

It was cute but looked a little plain on to warrant the $49.99 priced tag so I put it back and decided if I saw it later I could always change my mind. 

But since I was at Target anyway I decided to wander around a bit and found two sweaters in my size on the clearance rack 

And the one I'm wearing today: 

I scored each one for $11.88. They're both sturdy enough to wear in the winter, especially if layered with a top underneath but not too thick that they can't be worn during early fall, very similar weight to my Lilly Pulitzer sweaters. 

Pretty much anytime I'm in Target I like to swing by the ladies clearance section as its a good place to pick up basics like cardigans and cotton tees or I could find a cute top I completely missed when it first went out. I was a little surprised to find sweaters on clearance since we are just getting into sweater weather. Like my beloved lilly sales I think the best deals to be had are at the end of the season - I store my off season items in a suitcase and it's like a shopping spree when I get to change them out. I'm at the point now where come each season I only need to refresh a basic or two and get a few trend pieces to mix in. Now if only I had more storage space for it all! 

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